Folsom Suishin Sushi Menu


Wakame Salad

Suno Mono thinly sliced cucumber tossed with Japanese rice vinegar dressing
House Mix Green Salad with house special dressing
Wakame Salad seaweed salad
Gomae cooked & chilled spinach and asparagus with sesame dressing




Pepperfin Albacore tuna in Soy Smoked sauce topped with jalapeno rings tobiko & onion
B.B.Q Beef Ribs delicately barbequed marinated beef rib to perfection
Tuna & Salmon Tartare spicy guacamole served with lobster chips
Gyoza Japanese chicken pot sticker served with dipping sauce
Ahi Tataki seared ahi tuna on bed of sweet onion sprinkle chopped peanut & cilantro
Tempura veggie or shrimp & veggie served with sweet ginger dipping sauce
Crunch Calamari deep fried calamari served with lime aoli
B.B.Q. Tuna grilled white tuna with red sauce or white sauce
Hamachi Kama broiled yellowtail collar served with ponzu sauce
Miso Tofu crispy tofu grilled with house miso paste
Japanese Spring Roll mix green salad, crab & mango wrapped in soy paper
Sashimi Appetizer chef’s choice




Dynamite baked scallop & tobiko
Tempura shrimp tempura, crab & avocado
Soft Shell Crab avocado & cucumber
California crab, avocado & cucumber
Spicy Scallop cucumber & tobiko
Philli tempura salmon, avocado & cream cheese
Salmon Skin cucumber, green onion and sprout
Sunshine yellowtail, cilantro & quail egg
Fresh veggie assorted vegetable
Sunset tobiko & quail egg
Smoke Hand smoked salmon, unagi & cucumber
Poki albacore tuna, onion &daikon sprout
Spicy Tuna and cucumber
Unakyu unagi & cucumber



wasabi root

Quail Egg
Cream Cheese
Soybean Paper




Miso Soup
Garlic Edamame
Steamed Rice
Sushi Rice



(Two Pieces Per Order)

Suishin Sushi Nigiri

Ebi cooked shrimp
Unagi fresh water eel
Hamachi yellowtail
Shiro Maguro albacore tuna
Maguro tuna
Masago smelt fish roe
Smoked Sake smoked salmon
Japanese Eggplant
Saba mackerel
Amaebi sweet shrimp
Hotategai scallop
Tako octopus
Inari stuffed sweet tofu
Tobiko flying fish roe
Sake fresh salmon
Fresh Asparagus


Nigiri Sushi Combo


Assorted Nigiri – 9 different pieces of nigiri sushi (chef’s choice)
Assorted Nigiri & Maki – 7 different pieces of nigiri sushi & choice of California Roll or Spicy Tuna Roll
Assorted Nigiri & Sashimi – 7 different pieces of nigiri sushi & 5 pieces sashimi your choice
Veggie Nigiri and Maki – 4 kind of vegetarian nigiri & midori roll


Kids Meal


Happy Meal – 2 pcs of Yakitori & 6 pcs of California roll
Sushi Beginner -Unagi, ebi, inari, tobiko & 6 pcs of cucumber roll


Regular Rolls

speciality roll2_lo_res

California Roll – Crab meat & avocado
Rock & Roll – Unagi, avocado & cucumber
Tempura Shrimp Roll – Shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus & cucumber
Salmon Skin Roll – Crispy salmon skin, cucumber, yama-gobo, kaware & green onion
Spicy Scallop Roll – Spicy scallop and cucumber outside with tobiko
Spicy Tuna Roll – Spicy tuna, cucumber
Bagel Roll – Smoked Salmon, cream cheese & avocado
Unago Roll – Unagi & mango
Deep Fried roll – Deep fried smoked salmon roll topped with furikaki sesameseed & sweet, spicy sauce
Rainbow – Crab meat & avocado topped with 4 different kind of fish
Spider – Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber & crab meat sprinkled tobiko
Caterpillar – Unagi, crab meat & cucumber wrapped in avocado
Hamachi Tempura – Deep fried yellowtail roll & rolled in soy paper


Specialty Rollls

Blue Ravine-small

Flying Kamakazy – Spicy tuna & asparagus wrapped in albacore tuna with garlic ponzu sauce
The Best West -Asparagus tempura and avocado wrapped in fresh salmon and thinly sliced lemon
Off The Hook – Crab meat & avocado topped with baked scallop and unagi sauce
Suishin Crunch – Hamachi, unagi & cucumber with tobiko topped with tenkasu
Azteca – Crab meat, avocado, cucumber & yama-gobo wrapped in white fish topped with jalapeno rings and lightly baked with ponzu sauce & tobiko
The Three Amigos – Tuna, hamachi, unagi, avocado & cucumber with unagi sauce
Dragon – Shrimp tempura & crab wrapped in unagi & avocado
Lion King – Crab meat & avocado wrapped in fresh salmon baked in house special sauce
Natoma Station – Crab meat, shrimp tempura, unagi, cucumber & avocado sprinkled furikaki sesame seed
Veggie Lover – Assorted vegetable tempura
Fire bomb – Spicy tuna & cucumber wrapped in avocado with spicy & sweet sauce
Yellow Dragon – Shrimp tempura & crab meat wrapped in mango with sweet sauce
Super Crunch – Shrimp tempura & crab meat topped tenkasu (no seaweed paper)
Blue Ravine – Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura & avocado wrapped in red & white tuna torched lightly with house special sauce topped masago & green onion
Cherry Blossom – Fresh salmon & avocado topped with red tuna & tobiko
Midori – Asparagus tempura & avocado wrapped in cooked spinach
Off the Wall – Shrimp tempuras & crab meat wrapped in tuna & salmon pink and unagi sauce
Titanic – Unagi, crab meat topped with hamachi
Green Worm – Spicy tuna, cucumber wrapped in seaweed salad sprinkled masago
911 – Spicy tuna, jalepeno & cucumber inside wrapped in spicy scallop topped with masago
Verizon – Soft shell crab, cucumber & cream cheese wrapped in unagi & avocado with unagi sauce
Intel Inside – Asparagus tempura & avocado wrapped in seared tuna with classic teriyaki sauce Topped masago & green onion
Style – Shrimp tempura, avocado & cream cheese wrapped in cooked shrimps & avocado with house special sauce
Green Cadillac – Unagi tempura, crab, tuna, cucumber, avocado, daikon sprouts wrapped in soy paper topped with masago, pink sauce and unagi sauce